Solvent-Based Clear Acrylic Concrete Cure & Seal 25% Solids – Kure and Seal 1315

Kure and Seal 1315 is a solvent-based, clear, acrylic resin compound for curing, sealing, and hardening new concrete and existing concrete and masonry surfaces. The 25% solids content provides an excellent high gloss, UV stable finish. Kure & Seal 1315 is an ideal cure for freshly placed concrete, or when used as a sealer and dust-proofer for existing concrete.

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Product Description

UV Stable 25% Solids High Gloss Concrete Cure & Seal – Kure & Seal 1315™

Kure & Seal 1315 Application Uses.


• Fresh Concrete
• Rough or Smooth Finish Concrete
• Concrete Flatwork
• Light Commercial

• Precast Concrete
• Poured Concrete Walls
• Residential Driveways and Walkways
• Concrete Curbing and Borders

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The Benefits of TK Product’s Kure and Seal 1315™

• Meets the VOC Regulatory Compliance for AIM
• Complies with ASTM C-1315, Type 1, Class A
• Good moisture retention for optimal curing and full concrete strength
• Effective protection against abrasion and resistance to stains, chemicals, dirt, fumes, and gases
• Dustproofs surfaces for easier and less costly cleaning and maintenance.
• Dries clear with UV stabilizers to resist yellowing
• High gloss finish

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Surfaces must be clean, dry, and free of oil, grease, soil, efflorescence, dust, or laitance. Power
washing of the surface is advised, and any repairs must be made prior to application. Once the
surface has been cleaned, it must be dried and any rinse water should be removed by flushing down a
drain (if permitted) or with a vacuum. A simple test to ensure proper dryness is to place a rubber mat
on the floor overnight. If no visible moisture or darkening of the mat is observed, then the surface
is dry enough to coat. At this point, a small mock-up area should be applied in an inconspicuous
location to test the compatibility of the coating with the prepared substrate. Allow the coating to dry
and cure fully, then inspect for proper film formation, gloss, and adhesion. Confirm that the film is
free from whitening or any other defects.

The material is ready for use and requires no mixing or dilution. It is unlawful to further dilute with
non-exempt solvents.

New Concrete Application – Finish trowel and allow surface water to completely dissipate. Use a
low pressure (20 to 30 lbs.) sprayer or power sprayer and apply uniformly at the specified rate of
coverage. Avoid heavy accumulations. Existing Concrete Application – Use a long nap applicator or
a paint roller to distribute the compound more evenly. Back
rolling is highly recommended. Avoid heavy accumulations.
An airless sprayer or low-pressure spray equipment may
be used in larger application areas. Apply a second coat to
surfaces that are very porous and where absorption is rapid.
Allow the coating to become tack-free between coats.

Surface Coverage
Curing: 300-550 square feet per gallon
Dustproof/Seal: 300-500 square feet per gallon
Second Coat: 400-800 square feet per gallon
Renovation: 300-400 square feet per gallon

Coverage rates are provided as a guideline only. Many factors, including surface texture, porosity, and weather conditions, will determine actual coverage rates.

Composition and Materials: An acrylic copolymer resin blended with fast drying aromatic hydrocarbon.
Flash Point: 100°F
Drying Time: Tack free: 1 hour
Recoat: 2 to 4 hours – Open to Traffic: 2 hours
VOC Content: < 700 g/l
A.I.M. Category: Curing and Sealing Compound
Maximum VOC: 700 g/l
Applicable Standards:
– ASTM C-1315, Type 1, Class A
– ASTM C-309, Type 1, Class A & B and Type 1D with a red dye added
– Fed. TTC-C-800A, Type 1, Class 1
– AASHTO Des. M-148., Type 1, Clear

USDA Authorization for use in meat, poultry, and food processing plants.

Resilient tile institute approval for compatibility with most resilient tile, carpet adhesives, and paints.

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Spanish Data Sheets

Spanish Kure Seal 1315

(SDS) Safety Data Sheets


Kure Seal 1315 LEED Letter

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